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1. Easily read; legible: a readable typeface.
2. Pleasurable or interesting to read: a readable story.

read′a·bil′i·ty (read′a·ble·ness) n.
read′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.readably - in a legible manner; "you must write legibly"
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That she has managed to bring out the spirit of Sufi ideology would not be an understatement because hers is a treatise based on knowledge of the subject, and very readably written.
In the event a selected gasket does not comply as required, a suitable gasket can readably be obtained.
In this strategy, complicated molecular events occurred in the cell can be readably interpreted with the different logic outputs based on the engineered nanodevice.
All in all, this book is important because it introduces a major genre of Chinese literature to the Anglophone public, and it does so readably and in a voice that is, for the most part, accessible to general readers.
The story of how the Internet brought the imperious music business to its knees has never been told more succinctly and readably than it is here.
This book flows well and readably from Blomberg's pen.
Of the fourteen (!) or so books written about Mannix, this is the one that tells the story most reliably and readably.
The Invention of Murder by Judith Flanders (Harper Collins, 2011) I admire the scope of Judith Flanders' detailed research and the skill with which she weaves contemporary crime reports, social history, theatrical memorabilia and literature together so readably. This is a big book - over 400 pages long - and I don't usually have the time to stick with big books, but this one kept my attention to the end.
Only the fair copy was written by him with the utmost diligence, in calligraphic handwriting, clearly and readably.
When they smile, it will be a readably genuine smile--the kind that crinkles the corners of the eyes--and when they use hand and other body gestures to illustrate or emphasize a point, those gestures will always either precede by a split second or exactly coincide with the words being spoken.