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Adj.1.ready to hand - easy to reach; "found a handy spot for the can opener"
accessible - capable of being reached; "a town accessible by rail"
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But see that honey is there ready to hand, yellow, white, good, ice-cool, golden- comb-honey.
But all I know, sir, is, that I am ready to hand you over this sum in exchange for your assignment of the debt.
On certain afternoons in the week there were operations; and he stood in the well of the theatre, in a white jacket, ready to hand the operating surgeon any instrument he wanted or to sponge the blood away so that he could see what he was about.
Here was one that excelled in the things worth excelling in, a man-god ready to hand, and Kama could not but worship--withal he gave no signs of it.
In the living- room, where were the eating-table, the billiard-table, and the phonograph, stood stands of rifles, and in each bedroom, beside each bed, ready to hand, had been revolvers and rifles.
The flare-up was kept inside the companion with a box of matches ready to hand. Almost before he knew he had moved he was diving under the companion slide.
Marco Compioni was the architect who designed the wonderful structure more than five hundred years ago, and it took him forty-six years to work out the plan and get it ready to hand over to the builders.
Here at last was something ready to hand. And for the first time since the stabbing the Cockney had appeared outside the galley without his knife.
The last of a hurrying crowd of Afghans turned at the noise of shod feet behind him, and shifted his knife ready to hand. This, he saw, was no time to take prisoners.
The large table covered with books and plans, the tall glass-fronted bookcases with keys in the locks, the high desk for writing while standing up, on which lay an open exercise book, and the lathe with tools laid ready to hand and shavings scattered around- all indicated continuous, varied, and orderly activity.
And gaffer Steven Gerrard has revealed he's ready to hand the Croat a new, improved contract.
McDONNELL MANCHESTER UNITED are ready to hand defender Victor Lindelof a double-your-money contract extension worth a huge PS46.8million.