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or read·y·made (rĕd′ē-mād′)
1. Already made, prepared, or available: ready-made clothes.
2. Handy or expedient, especially because of familiarity, frequent use, or preplanning: a raft of ready-made excuses.
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1. made for purchase and immediate use by any customer: a ready-made jacket.
2. extremely convenient or ideally suited: a ready-made solution.
3. unoriginal or conventional: ready-made phrases.
a ready-made article, esp a garment
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1. made in advance for sale to any purchaser: a ready-made coat.
2. made for immediate use.
3. unoriginal; conventional.
4. something that is ready-made, as a garment or a piece of furniture.


or read′y-made`

an everyday, manufactured object that comes to be regarded as a work of art.
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Noun1.ready-made - a manufactured artifact (as a garment or piece of furniture) that is made in advance and available for purchase; "their apartment was furnished with ready-mades"
artefact, artifact - a man-made object taken as a whole
custom-built, custom-made - an item made to the customer's specifications
Adj.1.ready-made - made for purchase and immediate use
custom, custom-made - made according to the specifications of an individual
2.ready-made - repeated regularly without thought or originality; "ready-made phrases"
unoriginal - not original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual; "the manuscript contained unoriginal emendations"; "his life had been unoriginal, conforming completely to the given pattern"- Gwethalyn Graham
3.ready-made - commercially produced; not homemade; "ready-made clothes"
factory-made - produced in quantity at a factory
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adjective ready-to-wear, off-the-peg, off-the-rack (U.S.) local ready-made clothes
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[ˈredɪˈmeɪd] ADJ [clothes, curtains] → confeccionado, ya hecho; [meal, sauce] → precocinado, preparado; [excuses, ideas] → preparado
we can't expect to find a ready-made solution for our problemsno podemos esperar que la solución a nuestros problemas nos llegue como caída del cielo
a ready-made basis for negotiationsuna base para las negociaciones muy oportuna
you can buy your greenhouse ready-madepuede comprar un invernadero ya prefabricado
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[ˌrɛdɪˈmeɪd] adj (clothes) → confezionato/a; (excuses, solution) → bell'e pronto/a; (ideas) → banale
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(ˈredi) adjective
1. (negative unready) prepared; able to be used etc immediately or when needed; able to do (something) immediately or when necessary. I've packed our cases, so we're ready to leave; Is tea ready yet?; Your coat has been cleaned and is ready (to be collected).
2. (negative unready) willing. I'm always ready to help.
3. quick. You're too ready to find faults in other people; He always has a ready answer.
4. likely, about (to do something). My head feels as if it's ready to burst.
ˈreadiness noun
ˈreadily adverb
1. willingly. I'd readily help you.
2. without difficulty. I can readily answer all your questions.
ready cash
ready money.
ˌready-ˈmade adjective
(especially of clothes) made in standard sizes, and for sale to anyone who wishes to buy, rather than being made for one particular person. a ready-made suit.
ready money
coins and banknotes. I want to be paid in ready money, not by cheque.
ˌready-to-ˈwear adjective
(of clothes) ready-made.
in readiness
ready. I want everything in readiness for his arrival.
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Soapy straightened the lady missionary's readymade tie, dragged his shrinking cuffs into the open, set his hat at a killing cant and sidled toward the young woman.
A great rush of women is seen at the stalls and shops selling bangles, mehandi, readymade garments and shoes.
PESHAWAR -- The prices of readymade garments and stitched cloths have registered upward increase in local markets after most of tailors refused to accept more orders from customers for upcoming Eid ul Fitr.
The Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) and Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan jointly organized the 21st Textile Asia 2019 - International Textile, Garments Machinery and Clothing Trade Fair from 26th - 28th March, 2019 at Karachi Expo Centre.
I S L A M A B A D -- T h e exports of readymade garments earned $1, 260, 543 million during the first half of the current fiscal year (2018- 19), showing growth of 0.89 per cent over the corresponding period of last year.
Islamabad -- The exports of readymade garments earned $1,260,543 million during the first half of the current fiscal year (2018-19), showing growth of 0.89 percent over the corresponding period of last year.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 4 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): Majority of men struggle to get sizes that match their body shape/structure in existing readymade brands.
State Minister for Labour and Employment Mujibul Haque Chunnu Thursday warned of shutting down the readymade garment (RMG) factories which would be failed to complete remediation under the supervision of Jatiya Udyog by December this year, reports BSS.
Exports- Creative Commons cia Pixabay CAIRO -- 22 May 2018: Europe is allocated 30 percent of the Egyptian readymade garments' exports, according to the Readymade Garments Export Council.
Knitwear recorded highest export growth (20 percent YoY) amongst all product categories, followed by readymade garments (9 percent YoY), cotton cloth (6 percent YoY) and bed wear (4 percent YoY).
INGREDIENTS Juice of half lemon 500ml orange juice (readymade) 500ml mango juice (readymade) 250ml apple juice (readymade) 300ml lemonade (readymade) 100ml sparkling water 250g of mandarin, cut in segments 100g of apple, cut in tiny pieces A pinch of black pepper PREPARATION Stir together all the juices in a large jug and add some ice cubes along with mandarin and apple.