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It's incumbent upon us to reaggregate in whatever way we can across platforms and across partnerships.
Gilbert and Troitzsch point out that the effects of changes in tax rules can often be simulated only based on micro data: "We must instead go back to the individual cases, calculate their taxes due before and after the tax revision, and reaggregate the tax revenue.
Like modern-day systems thinkers, working both intuitively and intellectually, he knew that it was important to understand the pieces that contribute to the whole system, not by dissecting them into individual parts and seeking to reaggregate them, but rather by considering the entire messy, often obfuscated processes that characterize systems such as naval warfare taken as a whole.
it's ability to reaggregate content by subject may not be how the developers intended the service to be used, but it works for me.
When rat islets are dispersed into single cells and allowed to reaggregate in tissue culture, the beta cells form a central core with non beta cells around it, thus re- establishing the natural pattern (Halban et al.
Once the price levels and weights by all expenditure classes have been allocated to all the counties in each year, we reaggregate them up to (1) the states and to (2) the metropolitan areas as defined by the Office of Management and Budget.
Therefore, in the remainder of the analysis we reaggregate individual DIs that have a charter (and an entity identification number in the CRs and TFRs) into a consolidated entity according to a procedure discussed in the appendix.
The major change proposed through this article is to reaggregate the various partitions of strategy.
The researchers described the ability of embryonic chick ciliary ganglion (CG) cells to migrate and reaggregate when uniformly dispersed in a culture dish (146).
Delta versus metropolitan Mississippi), the ability to reaggregate counties into self-defining regions that cross state borders, and the ability to reaggregate along hospital referral patterns (Dartmouth, 1998).
We then use our classification to reaggregate trade flows into luxuries and necessities, and estimate the gravity model separately for imports of either type of good.
These models, listed in order of increasing complexity, include neurotypic and gliotypic cell lines, primary neuronal and/or glial cell cultures, reaggregate brain cultures, brain slices, and organotypic explants.