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Noun1.real GNP - a version of the GNP that has been adjusted for the effects of inflation
GNP, gross national product - former measure of the United States economy; the total market value of goods and services produced by all citizens and capital during a given period (usually 1 yr)
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For the current Persian year, the IMF has not changed its predictions of last summer, seeing real GNP growth stalled.
Consequently, it is important to have a model that both explains the nature of the inflation in terms of the permissible inflationary gap and excess inflationary gap, as well as outlining the need to have the growth in the money supply outpace the growth of real GNP to maintain price stability and measure the rational size of the inflationary gap as determined by establishing a synchronized correlation between the growth of real GNP and the money supply.
Section 8 summarizes our conclusions, including (i) the claim of a break point around 1933 is robust to the consideration of growth rather than business cycles but (ii) examining the volatility of real GNP suggests a considerably later break point perhaps as late as the 1950s.
Using finite-sample critical values, they rejected the unit root null for five series, the three series found by Zivot and Andrews plus per capita real GNP and employment, therefore finding more evidence against unit roots than Zivot and Andrews.
Hence, with real GNP higher, so too is real consumption.
Output and Prices in China, 1990-2002 (percent change) 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 Real GNP 4.
Real GNP on a command basis, which measures the purchasing power of goods and services produced by the U.
He found that after 1987 the model "had been making a sequence of same-signed errors in forecasting real GNP.
Reagan Congressional Administration Budget Office Forecasts for 1981 Real GNP growth 1.
In fact, Japan's real GNP is less than 65 percent of U.
It says as long as "the vector of physical output values" remain identical, real GNP should remain the same.
91) exists between the PMI and changes in Real GNP and GDP.