real McCoy

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Noun1.real McCoy - informal usage attributing authenticity
authenticity, genuineness, legitimacy - undisputed credibility
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Remembering such a pivotal moment on the RHLSTP podcast, Kay, 68, recalls: "Ruth and James were the real McCoy. I had seen James on an ad where he played the Tango boy in the background.
A That may well be the real McCoy, er, Mr McCoy, but even Del Boy would admit this isn't going to make you a millionaire by this time next year.
Lee McCoy He looked like the real McCoy when finishing fourth in the 2016 Valspar Championship as an amateur but he broke his wrist in a car accident the following November.
Professor Uwe Bunz, of Heidelberg University in Germany, said "You start with a sample that you know is the real McCoy.
"Because Wick already is known in the community and has had success with Purple Smile and his son has the Real McCoy, people were favorable to his proposal."
"I was out campaigning today but recorded Sandown to get one last glimpse of the real McCoy."
Richard Blackwood, star of e Real McCoy, is making Hudders eld his rst port of call in a nationwide tour.
And you won't find anyone confusing Morgan Freeman with anyone else because his waxwork looks just like the real McCoy.
Glastonbrummy is a tribute festival for those of us who missed out on the gold dust-like tickets for the real McCoy further south.
IThe Real McCoy Rum has added two new barrel-aged expressions to its lineup: a 3-year-aged and a 12- year-aged rum.
A member of BBC's Real McCoy team, he shoots from the hip and the lip.
Real McCoy played there every week, regulars knew the playlist off by heart, but more importantly you felt part of the band because the club was so intimate.