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Noun1.Real estate broker - a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of landreal estate broker - a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land; "in England they call a real estate agent a land agent"
broker, factor, agent - a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission
Realtor - a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors
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David Bernardo Cruz is a real estate broker specializing in homes and properties across the United States showcased at
Amendments introduced in the Real Estate Brokerage Law a) Regulatory Body Under the old law, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce was the regulatory body responsible for monitoring real estate activities in Qatar, including the activities of real estate brokers. This authority has now been subsumed under the powers of the Ministry of Justice pursuant to the Law.
The Silver category winners comprised Unique Properties Brokers, Driven Properties LLC, Alruwad Real Estate, H&H Investment & Development LLC, Property Network Broker, Eastern Real Estate, Apollo Real Estate Broker, Al Fehaidi Real Estate Est, Osloob Real Estate LLC, Fortune 5 Real Estate Broker LLC, Al Muttawa Real Estate, Midmac Real Estate, Almuraqabat Real Estate, Castles Plaza Real Estate and Tamleek Real Estate Co.
Filipinos are at the top of the list of social media users, and your young real estate broker has developed his or her own techniques in growing his network online.
It provides accurate and up-to-date information on licensed Dubai real estate brokers and companies that are approved by DLD.
Yadav (pictured below), who earned a business degree from India's Maduri Kamarj University, arrived in Dubai and was employed as a driver before we worked his way up the ladder and made his fortune as a real estate broker, heading up the Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers firm since 2003.
Sawbuck Realty, an online real estate broker, today unveiled its Sawbuck Real Estate app for the iPhone and iPod touch.
This program allows both real estate brokers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop large markets in the U.S.
She is an administrative assistant for the University of Oregon Athletic Department and a real estate broker. She is a member of the Emerald Service Club, the Emblem Club and the Rythmettes Dance Group.
But Charles Bay, a real estate broker who teaches real estate investing classes with Silver Dollar Realty in San Antonio, says it's better to get rid of a mortgage, freeing up money for other investments: "If you are in a 33% tax bracket, only one-third of the interest you pay is deductible.
Citicorp was so wedded to its mortgage strategy that it quit its major trade association, the MBA, in September because the MBA objected to real estate broker's originating mortgages.

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