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Noun1.real matrix - a matrix whose elements are all real numbers
matrix - (mathematics) a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns; treated as a single element and manipulated according to rules
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The score function is basically a real matrix in classical sense derived from two or more value matrices.
Let X be mxn real matrix with m [less than or equal to] n and H = [[H.
To design a feedback controller such that the closed-loop system is stochastically stable, using Matlab LMI Toolbox, we find that a symmetric, positive definite matrix X, a real matrix Y, and a scalar [beta] given by
ij]] is a real matrix, then the sign pattern of A is obtained from A, by replacing each entry by its signs [14,15].
In the following, we consider computing the QR decomposition of an m by n real matrix X, where m [greater than or equal to] n.
The matrix A is a m x m real matrix, where m is the number of evaluation criteria considered.
where F is an mxp real matrix, v(k) is the reference input vector of dimensions mx1, x(k) is the state vector of dimensions nx1, u(k) is the vector of inputs of dimensions mx1 and y(k) is the vector of outputs of dimensions px1 and A,B and C are real matrices of dimensions nxn, nxm and nxp respectively.
From problem 23 on pg 314 of [4], we have [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] for any real matrix M.
The four dimensional real matrix A is said to be bounded regular if every bounded P-convergent double complex sequence w with Pringsheim limit t, is also A-summable to t and the A-means of w are bounded.
For example, a real matrix A of size N x N can be decomposed into a product of 3 matrices A = [UDV.
4), if and only if there exists an m x m regular real matrix S(t) such that
t] is k-dimensional, M is any k x 2 real matrix, V is 2 x k, A is k x k, and k is the number of eigenvalues of F that are less than one in absolute value.