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Again, it is one thing to understand persons, and another thing to understand matters; for many are perfect in men's humors, that are not greatly capable of the real part of business; which is the constitution of one that hath studied men, more than books.
Edmund, between his theatrical and his real part, between Miss Crawford's claims and his own conduct, between love and consistency, was equally unobservant; and Mrs.
I'm getting to be of some moment, a real part of things, of the state and the city and all that," he told himself with an amusing miniature air of dignity.
From the first, I resolved to make the school a real part of the community in which it was located.
He also said: "I think that the time has come for us to remind industry in many of these areas they have a real part to play.
Tenders are invited for Cement Concrete Work at Nanda Nagar Main Road Sai Collection to Komal Collection real Part in Ward No.
Klopp added, "There is no risk with him, because he is a naturally fit boy, and in the moment when he can start to be a real part of the sessions, he will then immediately be fit again.
The different parts of a complex number are the real part and the imaginary part and both of these are denoted by a real number.
Manager Darren Williams said: "We're a real part of the community and are looking to support local charities, projects and host a variety of events and activities that everyone can enjoy.
I've been skating since I was nine years old, but it became a real part of my life and identity when I turned 14.
It's a real part of British life but he's done nothing for years, or put money in.
Wearing heels is a real part of our femininity, however, as our intellectual prowess is a real part of our legal acumen.