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Miss Fairlie's expectations, then, were of a twofold kind, comprising her possible inheritance of real property, or land, when her uncle died, and her absolute inheritance of personal property, or money, when she came of age.
Thus, Sir Percival's prospects in marrying Miss Fairlie (so far as his wife's expectations from real property were concerned) promised him these two advantages, on Mr.
As I daresay you know," went on Sir Henry, "if a man dies intestate, and has no property but land, real property it is called in England, it all descends to his eldest son.
If all zealous Protestants had been publicly urged to join an association for the avowed purpose of singing a hymn or two occasionally, and hearing some indifferent speeches made, and ultimately of petitioning Parliament not to pass an act for abolishing the penal laws against Roman Catholic priests, the penalty of perpetual imprisonment denounced against those who educated children in that persuasion, and the disqualification of all members of the Romish church to inherit real property in the United Kingdom by right of purchase or descent,--matters so far removed from the business and bosoms of the mass, might perhaps have called together a hundred people.
full thirds = Old Monson's widow would under American common law receive a life interest in one-third of his real property, called a dower right, which would revert to his children if she died without remarrying.
Tenancy Contract: A contract by virtue of which the Landlord is bound to allow the tenant use of the real property for a specific purpose, over a specific term, and in return for a specific consideration.
Is a hike in real property taxes in Makati City in the offing?
The United States has long been a prime choice for non-US people seeking to * own real property outside of their home country.
2011-16 for distressed debt held by REITs, to address situations in which the real property securing the debt increases in value.
Fair and accurate accounting for these assets, both personal and real property, requires the implementation of a clear and standardized process, as described by Ms.
Representatives of business community of Kyrgyzstan and selected parliamentarians suggested postponing introduction of real property use tax.
The Tax Court held that a woman's work as an independent contractor for a real estate agency enabled her and her husband to deduct losses because they were incurred from a real property trade or business rather than a passive activity According to the court, the taxpayers' real estate activities met the requirements of a real property brokerage trade or business under IRC [section] 469(c)(7)(C).

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