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Noun1.real stuff - informal usage attributing authenticity
authenticity, genuineness, legitimacy - undisputed credibility
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But can a man get a drop of the real stuff there?" said a sailor who liked his toddy.
You're the real stuff." He looked with undisguised contempt across the sleepers to where Charles Crayton snored in his red beard.
So, now, old coon," said he to the man at the bar, "get us hot water, and sugar, and cigars, and plenty of the real stuff and we'll have a blow-out."
"Merely preliminary and precautionary," he explained when I had finished; "but now for the real stuff."
We had a good preseason and now the real stuff is coming - you can feel it in the air.
"We were hamstrung by a lack of players being available for the cup games but the real stuff starts now and it is up to us to ensure we have a fast start."
Even false turf, it seems, needs properly laying by digging up the real stuff first, providing a base and finding some way of fixing it in place other than six-inch nails.
Very few people put real stuff out there - ie their day's been rubbish, they've got no money and they look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards - and I think it has a really negative impact on people's mental health.
One, on some real stuff, we have the most fun ever.
By the time August arrives, most players are itching furiously for the real stuff to begin, glad to see the back of the shadow boxing.
there is some real stuff that happens in the future.
Perhaps Kartosis's success with Shinola will lead other investors to explore ways of making real stuff in America at a profit.