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re·al time

 (rē′əl, rēl)
1. The actual time in which a physical process under computer study or control occurs.
2. The time required for a computer to solve a problem, measured from the time data are fed in to the time a solution is received.
3. The timing or arrangement allowing a process, such as an exchange of remarks, to occur normally, as without delay or asynchronism: communicated in real time by instant messaging rather than by email.

real′-time′ adj.


(Computer Science) denoting or relating to a data-processing system in which a computer receives constantly changing data, such as information relating to air-traffic control, travel booking systems, etc, and processes it sufficiently rapidly to be able to control the source of the data

re′al time`

(ˈri əl, ril)
the actual time during which a process takes place or an event occurs.


of or pertaining to computer applications or processes that can respond immediately to user input.
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Adj.1.real-time - of or relating to computer systems that update information at the same rate they receive information
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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Users can use real-time interface to make transactional requests, such as policy quotes, service inquiries, policy views or requests for information or billing queries.
DCX (Data and Control eXchange) provides a highly configurable real-time inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism for process-to process communication in sophisticated systems running VenturCom's RTX, real-time extensions for Windows NT, Windows NT Embedded and Windows 2000.
amp; WINDSOR, United Kingdom -- Covelight Systems, the innovator of real-time, application-independent online monitoring solutions, and SeeWhy Software, provider of the first real-time Business Intelligence (BI) platform, today announced a technology partnership that provides a breakthrough for BI users.
The company recently adopted AMS Service's TransactNow to offer real-time transactions to agents.
0 features, DV500 PLUS offers real time image correction, real-time effects and transitions and real-time titles with TitleDeko RT.
NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that it has acquired the intellectual property including patents, copyrights, trademarks and associated product rights for RTLinux, the software industry's only commercially-available, patented, hard real-time Linux technology developed by Finite State Machine Labs, Inc.
Sign on to a real-time company's Web site, and the door is opened to all the products, services and benefits offered by that insurance company.
The initial focus for the new partners is on their expanding telecom specific services and consulting offerings to meet increased industry demand for MySQL powered software on top of hard real-time Linux or BSD.
Applied Biosystems (NYSE:ABI), an Applera Corporation business, today announced a new instrument system for conducting genetic and genomic analysis experiments using real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology.
The Cablecam application could not be achieved by anything less than a hard real-time OS.
the leading provider of transactional data management solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to offer enterprise customers real-time business intelligence and zero downtime migrations from proprietary databases to Ingres' open-source platform.
RTLinux offers systems developers compliant POSIX real-time threads for line-speed data plane performance.

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