real-time operation

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Noun1.real-time operation - data processing fast enough to keep up with an outside process
data processing - (computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information
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ETAP is a provider of software solutions for the design, analysis, optimization, and real-time operation of electrical power systems.
Al Meera Deputy CEO Eng Salah al Hammadi said,"In line with our vision to become Qatar's favourite neighbourhood retailer, our digital transformation with Ooredoo will enable real-time operation and customer insights.
The mathematics that describe these features in space and time are simple and elegant, and yield highly efficient algorithms and computational rules that allow for real-time operation of sensory processing systems, while minimising demand on computing power.
The NCO is also equipped with a wide range of real-time operation and two-way communication.
The course will also have simulator training (competency-based training based on minimum proficiency standards) and flight training (actual real-time operation of drones).
During the real-time operation, the PSO charging strategy takes advantage of PV production to charge more batteries, while the operation schedule uses less PV energy due to the battery demand forecast errors.
In addition, GE's Operations Optimization enables real-time operation decision-making based on analysis of plant capacity and customer demand, as well as the generating capacity and cost from all fuel sources available to the customer.
As the animals think about moving toward their goal -- in this case, a bowl containing fresh grapes -- computers translate their brain activity into real-time operation of the wheelchair.
Once operationalised, the new national SCADA system will be of the essence in the real-time operation and maintenance of Oman's water storage and supply infrastructure, he added in conclusion.
However it is not suitable for real-time operation and its cost is expensive.
When a block needs to terminate its process within N OFDM symbol time (one ODFM symbol time is 4 [micro]s) during real-time operation, the minimum operation frequency, [F.sub.min], for real-time operation is given by
Baselight FOUR and EIGHT are high-bandwidth, high-performance creative workstations designed specifically to accelerate the operation of Baselight to provide real-time operation at up to 4K resolution.

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