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v. re·al·ized, re·al·iz·ing, re·al·iz·es
1. To comprehend completely or correctly.
2. To bring into reality; make real: He finally realized his lifelong ambition to learn how to play the violin.
3. To make realistic: a film that realizes court life of the 1600s.
4. To obtain or achieve, as gain or profit: She realized a substantial return on the investment.
5. To bring in (a sum) as profit by sale.
To exchange holdings or goods for money.

[French réaliser, from Old French, from real, real; see real1.]

re′al·iz′a·ble adj.
re′al·iz′er n.
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Numabo and his warriors, realizing now the relatively small numbers of the apes against them, had made a determined stand and with spears and other weapons were endeavoring to overcome the invaders.
Presently I reduced my speed to a brisk walk, and later realizing the danger of running into some new predicament, were I not careful, I moved still more slowly and cautiously.
With a single, lightning-like move she snatched the weapon from its holster, and at the same instant Rokoff turned back toward her, realizing his peril.
According to the PDSH Reform Movement, the Macedonian public has the right to know the truth, because BDI should be registered in the Guinness book of failure for realizing only 2.2 percent or 24 projects, in their last term.
I looked down, realizing had forgotten to wear the top!
Based on the authors' experience, the indirect tax staff and the procurement department--the front-line agents in realizing and possibly identifying such savings--are rarely included when evaluating capital investment decisions.
Example 1: P, a single taxpayer, acquires a house in 1996, rents it to tenants through 1998, moves into it as his principal residence in January 1999, (8) and sells it in 2005, realizing a gain of no more than $250,000.
NEC's A-GPS solution works on a network-assisted basis to combine location information of both GPS and base stations, realizing highly accurate positioning.
How important is their gift in realizing the organization's potential?
"When you get into the actual facts of the Bible and you start showing Christians, it starts opening their eyes and they start realizing they haven't researched it."
Andrea Cornwall and Alice Welbourn (Eds.), Realizing Rights: Transforming Approaches to Sexual & Reproductive Well-being.
"Early on, when things were good and the market was hot, we were realizing some investment gains.