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v. re·al·ized, re·al·iz·ing, re·al·iz·es
1. To comprehend completely or correctly.
2. To bring into reality; make real: He finally realized his lifelong ambition to learn how to play the violin.
3. To make realistic: a film that realizes court life of the 1600s.
4. To obtain or achieve, as gain or profit: She realized a substantial return on the investment.
5. To bring in (a sum) as profit by sale.
To exchange holdings or goods for money.

[French réaliser, from Old French, from real, real; see real1.]

re′al·iz′a·ble adj.
re′al·iz′er n.
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Numabo and his warriors, realizing now the relatively small numbers of the apes against them, had made a determined stand and with spears and other weapons were endeavoring to overcome the invaders.
Presently I reduced my speed to a brisk walk, and later realizing the danger of running into some new predicament, were I not careful, I moved still more slowly and cautiously.
With a single, lightning-like move she snatched the weapon from its holster, and at the same instant Rokoff turned back toward her, realizing his peril.
4) A total integration module that controls collaborative operation of the speech recognition engine, the machine translation engine, and the speech synthesis engine realizing automatic translation on a single processor for mobile phones.
For example, if a taxpayer physically settled a forward contract on stock by delivering stock to the counterparty in exchange for the forward contract price, the taxpayer was treated as simply selling the stock for the forward price without realizing gain or loss on the forward contract itself, notwithstanding that the contract was a separate property right that may have had built-in economic gain or loss.
When you get into the actual facts of the Bible and you start showing Christians, it starts opening their eyes and they start realizing they haven't researched it.
You can't get there by just realizing the opportunity If you know you're right, then you have to persevere.