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Both groups saw their marital quality decline during the first year of the trial, but this was completely reversed during the second year among the group which completed the reappraisals.
Already, that centennial has inspired laudatory reappraisals of her career by Anthony Lane in the New Yorker, Kenneth Turan in the L.A.
So, even if it doesn't lead to many, or any, agonizing reappraisals, it's a wonderful, scholarly-hip update on one of the central issues of our time.
Repsol sparked a sharp fall in share prices in Madrid and New York on January 26 when it announced a 25% cut in its proven oil and gas reserves following reappraisals at subsidiaries in Bolivia, Argentina and Venezuela.
This work examines areas of common ground between eighteenth-century thought and twentieth-century reappraisals of eighteenth-century ideas.
It calls for applying term limits to state legislators, blocking legalized gambling, increasing fines on businesses that employ illegal aliens, opposing the political influence of teachers' unions and ending tax reappraisals of property.
James Hankins, ed., Renaissance Civic Humanism: Reappraisals and Reflections.
Had he chosen to operate solely as an artist, one imagines him faring quite well, perhaps fitting into the niche defined by Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, and Yaacov Again--all of whom, like Panton, are now experiencing reappraisals and revivals.
She has divided them into five sections: Independence; The Transfer of Power with Partition-Commonwealth Membership; The Commonwealth in Asia; Reappraisals (on Nehru and Indira Gandhi); Retrospect (on the partition of India and on relations between India and Pakistan); and, finally, an epilogue concerned with India in the 1950s.
If the recent court decision voiding the 50 year phase in of reappraisals stands, however, some change in Montana's property tax law seems likely.
'Cause no one, no one, writes about violence the way that Americans do." For future reappraisals of Himes, then, such as The Several Lives of Chester Himes (1997) by Michel Fabre and Edward Margolies, Conversations with Chester Himes should be a valuable resource for scholars and students.
According to Lazarus & Folkman (1984), reappraisals are strategies used to cope with an encounter after it has been appraised by an individual as stressful based on new information from the environment.