rear back

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Verb1.rear back - rear backwards on its hind legs; "the frightened horse reared back"
rear, rise up - stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds; "The horse reared in terror"
2.rear back - start with anger or resentment or in protest
jump, startle, start - move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm; "She startled when I walked into the room"
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For taxis: they shall be placed on toppers, its rear back and upper portion of the back windshield not exceeding 8 inches in width.
class="MsoNormalInitial results of an autopsy that was conducted on Wednesday on his son Joseph, 29, revealed that he was shot from the outside of the rear back of the car that he was in when the bullet that ended his life got him.
"Access to the development is proposed to be taken from Lawn Street via an existing access point with car parking provided within the rear back court area."
And, who can do without a hands-free power rear back door when you've the school bags, monthly hypermarket shopping bags and trips to the airport to consider?
A flurry of nerves rear back up when I ask myself if I remembered to put the goggles in.
It also comes with 8.4" touchscreen radio and ParkView Rear back up camera.
When I dragged my tired rear back into camp toward sunset, I knew my body was going to be sore for the next few days.
Tighten Abs, push rear back. Squat, maintaining knees over the feet.
At the Lab's launch toward the water, the pup lunges against his collar, but the man firmly pushes his rear back to the ground, focusing the excited pup on the other dog splashing in the shallows and swimming in the oxbow's main flowage.
As well as the two bedrooms, there is a fully tiled bathroom and a rear back yard.
The rear back panel will be made of Kevlar, but Motorola appears to have added a red coloured stripe across the middle of its real back panel.