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Noun1.rear window - car window that allows vision out of the back of the car
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
car window - a window in a car
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Apprising the police of his intention, he effected an entrance through a rear window before dark, walked through the deserted rooms, bare of furniture, dusty and desolate, and seating himself at last in the parlor on an old sofa which he had dragged in from another room watched the deepening of the gloom as night came on.
The smooth-cheeked roof and rear window, shaped more for aerodynamic efficiency (first seen on Peugeot's victorious Le Mans racers) than for sheer perverse pleasure, is slightly less pronounced than on the carbon-fibre roofed concept.
- Screenwriter John Michael Hayes, nominated for Academy Awards for the classic films "Rear Window" and "Peyton Place," has died at age 89.
Up for sale in Auto Trader is an ex-Jools Holland 1989, in black with Hooper rear window treatment, grey leather and all tools and manuals.
Other changes include larger side windows at the rear, a new tailgate with a deeper rear window, a revised bumper and a redesigned front grille to distinguish the newcomer from the standard Qashqai.
Nothing was hitting the rear window before you left, or so you thought.
Designer: Casey Swanseger, Cleveland Institute of Art Engineer: Andy Stewart, Michigan State University Vehicle: Described as "a definition of luxury for a new generation," the Luxe sports a panoramic roof that travels from the hood to rear window and has a coating that goes from clear to opaque in the presence of an electric current.
For example, we couldn't get the retractable rear window to go up or down, despite pushing the designated button on my door, and we couldn't get the turn signal indicators to lock into place, leading to left-right-left arrows that drove me batty.
Unusually for a four-seater convertible, all round visibility is good and Saab has sensibly made the rear window larger than on the previous model.
The rear window arrangement is clever, with the window sliding down and the sunroof moving forward to endow the car with the versatility of a pick-up.
Sometimes the tiny panes are empty, but occasionally we get a Rear Window glimpse of head or neck and project onto the scene whatever sly meaning comes to mind.