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Rearranging my collar, which, truth to say, ought to have been a round one above a short jacket, but was not, I observed felicitously that I had come to say good-bye, being ready to go off to sea that very night with the Tremolino.
"Ay tank it blow purty soon purty hard," he said, and then he began rearranging the few dishes upon the little table.
'The situation is not expected to happen again after all the rearranging and upgrading works have been completed.
Tenders are invited for Rearranging the light and fans and ups plug points for ao drawl section in gm office kumbakonam
There's on to system like we rearranging deckchairs And although an online counselling system is to be introduced next month, and the NHS in Newcastle and the Newcastle and Gateshead CCG are working towards making accessing mental health care easier, councillors insisted it is not enough.
Cardiff Blues are now in communication with PRO14 and Benetton Rugby regarding rearranging the fixture, and we will put a statement out in due course.
Tanya Hunt added: "Well done Flint Town Council for rearranging the date...
Abiding to CBK principles and rules of rearranging contract terms of clients' consumer and instalment financing, KFH announces its maximum readiness to respond to these rules that will contribute to revitalising the market as most individuals' finances are consumer finances.
FNA dispatches from the region said on Saturday that the army was rearranging its formations from defensive to offensive in Al-Ramouseh and Jamiet Al-Zahra districts in Aleppo city.
An anagram is a word formed by rearranging the letters of another word.