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tr.v. re·as·signed, re·as·sign·ing, re·as·signs
1. To assign to a new position, duty, or location: reassigned the ambassador to a new post.
2. To place in a different category or class.

re·as·sign′ment n.
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Noun1.reassignment - assignment to a different dutyreassignment - assignment to a different duty  
assignment, duty assignment - a duty that you are assigned to perform (especially in the armed forces); "hazardous duty"
secondment - the detachment of a person from their regular organization for temporary assignment elsewhere
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n reasignación f; gender — reasignación de género or sexo, cambio de sexo (fam)
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A statement from Barr gave no specific reason for the reassignment. But Barr said last week that officials had uncovered "serious irregularities" and was angry that staff members at the jail had failed to "adequately secure this prisoner."
Calling it a fundamental issue, which requires immediate attention, Mailwal sought information from the Centre and Health Department regarding -- whether the facility of sex reassignment surgery is available in Central government hospitals.
Briones, in the new DepEd Order, announced the amendment on the policy of reassignment of third level officials in the regional schools and division offices.
Duterte previously announced the reassignment of Pinol to Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) to help speed up the devolution of all national government agencies as he found the BARMM too slow.
According to sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to announce the reshuffle in the cabinet himself when all the reassignments have been finalised.
But it has now emerged that White wants the gender reassignment and to return to a women's prison.
As reassignment he said, 'I will give priority to implement the long-term plan as 94 per cent accessibility has been achieved so now reliable and affordable power will be my main priority in next five years.' The state minister said the government will give emphasis on mineral resources aimed at ensuring energy security in the country.
Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said there is no reason to revoke Espenido's reassignment, which took effect on Nov.
Her lawyer, Saifullah Kakakhel, filed the petition on Friday, in which she seeks a court order to allow her to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery.
Both counsels, however, agreed to await the reassignment of the case and thereafter mutually agree on the next possible adjournment.