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(ˈrɛb əl dəm)

1. a region or territory controlled by rebels.
2. rebels collectively.


1. rebels collectively or as a group.
2. an area or region held by rebels.
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So my dear chum and myself, furnished with passes to rebeldom, were carried to the "Lines." There we were to have our trunks searched, passes approved, and be allowed to cross the river.
They destroyed millions of dollars worth of commissary stores, cotton, and lordly dwellings, "and struck terror into the heart of rebeldom, brought off near 800 slaves and thousands of dollars worth of property, without losing a man or receiving a scratch."
Montgomery and his gallant band of 300 black soldiers, under the guidance of a black woman, dashed into the enemy's country, struck a bold and effective blow, destroying millions of dollars worth of commissary stores, cotton and lordly dwellings, and striking terror into the heart of rebeldom ...