rebound phenomenon

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re·bound phe·nom·e·non

n. fenómeno de rebote, movimiento intensificado de una parte hacia adelante cuando se elimina la fuerza inicial contra la cual ésta hacía resistencia.
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Although data from patients who participated in randomized clinical trials suggest that disease activity returns to pretreatment levels in most multiple sclerosis (MS) patients who discontinue fingolimod [1], several case reports suggest that some patients experience unexpectedly severe disease activity consistent with a rebound phenomenon [2-6].
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The clinical significance of this rebound phenomenon is yet to be determined.
Goldman Sachs has recently published a research report and in which the gold price forecast of 2H 2013 is raised from US$1,300 per ounce to US$1,388 per ounce which indicates the gold price rebound phenomenon driven by short-term market sentiment.
It had been noticed these changes usually occur after 1-2 weeks (Laurence and Bennett, 1992) but sometimes rebound phenomenon could take place even after 5 days of discontinuation of drugs (Lapierre et al., 1980).
No rebound phenomenon was observed 3 weeks after the end of treatment for either group.
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The pathophysiology of this rebound phenomenon is poorly understood.