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re·bound 1

 (rē′bound′, rĭ-)
v. re·bound·ed, re·bound·ing, re·bounds
1. To spring or bounce back after hitting or colliding with something.
2. To recover, as from depression or disappointment.
3. To reecho; resound.
4. Basketball To retrieve and gain possession of the ball as it bounces off the backboard or rim after an unsuccessful shot.
1. To cause to rebound.
2. Basketball To gain possession of (the ball) off the backboard or rim.
n. (rē′bound′, rĭ-bound′)
1. A springing or bounding back; a recoil.
a. Sports A rebounding or caroming ball or hockey puck, especially coming off of a goalie who has blocked a shot.
b. Basketball The act or an instance of taking possession of a rebounding ball.
3. A quick recovery from or reaction to disappointment or depression: He is on the rebound following a tumultuous breakup.

[Middle English rebounden, from Old French rebondir : re-, re- + bondir, to leap; see bound1.]

re·bound′er n.

re·bound 2

Past tense and past participle of rebind.
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(Individual Sports, other than specified) a type of small circular trampoline used for low controlled bouncing as a form of exercise
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Fajardo was the league's top scorer and rebounder in the Philippine Cup, a conference the Beermen ruled for the fifth straight year, with 22.1 points and 12.5 rebounds but his numbers dipped in the eliminations of the Commisioner's Cup.
The Bulldogs outscored the Green Archers from tip off, 20-12 after the Green Archers lost their prolific scorer and rebounder Justine Baltazar on a knee injury with 4:20 left in the opening quarter.
Brianna Turner had 14 points and 11 rebounds in becoming Notre Dame's all-time leading rebounder, passing all-American Ruth Riley from the 2001 NCAA champions.
Mocon played an averaged 20.18 minutes per outing and started in two out of those five games and was the leading rebounder of the team during that stretch.
The reigning national secondary school's girls' basketball champions also dominated the awards ceremony running away with the Most valuable player award, top scorer and best rebounder award at this event organized by the Mombasa Veterans in partnerships with the Mombasa Basketball Association whose sole aim is to promote basketball among girls in the region.Five women teams took part in this inaugural event which Dan Okwiri, one of the sponsors said will be held after every three months exclusively for the women teams to promote women's basketball which has been lagging behind in the region.
Gabriel received two awards, the Best Sportsman of the tournament and Most Rebounder. Gabriel was the only player to score an average of two dunks per game.
Love, the Cavs' second-leading scorer and top rebounder, fell to the court and had to be helped to the sideline.
He also was the leading rebounder for the basketball team and the top hitter in baseball.
3 June 2016 - US-based fitness company Cellercise has re-acquired 100% rights to founder and CEO Dave Hall's proprietary rebounder technology from the global company that has been his exclusive distribution partner since 2013, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 3, 2016-Cellercise Re-Acquires of Proprietary Rebounder Technology
For her core, Spigner sits on the edge of the rebounder with her feet planted on the floor and bounces up and down, engaging her abs in a fresh way.