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re·bound 1

 (rē′bound′, rĭ-)
v. re·bound·ed, re·bound·ing, re·bounds
1. To spring or bounce back after hitting or colliding with something.
2. To recover, as from depression or disappointment.
3. To reecho; resound.
4. Basketball To retrieve and gain possession of the ball as it bounces off the backboard or rim after an unsuccessful shot.
1. To cause to rebound.
2. Basketball To gain possession of (the ball) off the backboard or rim.
n. (rē′bound′, rĭ-bound′)
1. A springing or bounding back; a recoil.
a. Sports A rebounding or caroming ball or hockey puck, especially coming off of a goalie who has blocked a shot.
b. Basketball The act or an instance of taking possession of a rebounding ball.
3. A quick recovery from or reaction to disappointment or depression: He is on the rebound following a tumultuous breakup.

[Middle English rebounden, from Old French rebondir : re-, re- + bondir, to leap; see bound1.]

re·bound′er n.

re·bound 2

Past tense and past participle of rebind.


(Individual Sports, other than specified) a type of small circular trampoline used for low controlled bouncing as a form of exercise
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Heather Sargent, from Rebounders Trampoline Club, on Ocean Way, Cardiff, scooped the national inclusive gymnastics award.
With Oregon's top four rebounders gone from last season, Altman has made it a priority for the Ducks to focus on rebounding.
In Rebounders, Newman examines the lives of a variety of noteworthy figures from a wide spectrum of fields, including Thomas Edison, Pandora creator Tom Westergren, vanguard Group CEO John Bogle, musician Lucinda Williams, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and tennis player James Blake, to illustrate this resilience in action.
To help fill this deficit, this study focused on the extent to which these relationships exist and the characteristics of rebounders.
Some rebounders come with a stabilizing bar to hold onto.
The Cougars also have two of the conference's top rebounders, with sophomore forwards Melissa Tachias (11.
When I observed my defensive rebounders having difficulty maintaining possession while attempting to execute an outlet pass, I began emphasizing a vigorous pivot with their Power Leg and abrupt movement of the ball from one side of their body to the other in rhythm with their leg pivot.
REBOUNDERS are jumping for joy at the thought of collecting tokens for this year's Wish campaign.
The rebounders hustle the ball back to the passers.
Rebounders Trampolining Club, Celts Wheelchair Basketball Club and The Huskies Sledge Ice Hockey Club are among the clubs given the certificate, which recognises commitment to inclusion and providing sporting opportunities for disabled people.
We're going to be pretty solid because we have big men and more rebounders this year,'' Allan said.