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Noun1.reburying - the act of burying again
burying, burial - concealing something under the ground
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All options were explored fully and it was felt that the case for reburying the remains in Durham and also commemorating them here with a plaque was strongest.
Many favored reburying the boy unstudied, but, says Anzick, "I felt an obligation to humanity" to unveil the bones' genetic secrets.
Proskuriakov said he is hopeful that work on reburying the waste can start in the near future.
Mandla Mandela has been officially charged with exhuming and reburying Nelson Mandela's three children.
Alternative 4A calls for removing all of the hazardous waste and taking it to a licensed facility for treatment and disposal, then reburying the nonhazardous solid waste on site in Tremont City.