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n. recalcificación, restauración de compuestos de calcio en los tejidos.
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The question whether recalcification may occur following transplantation is difficult to ascertain in vitro.
compared hPL-serum converted from hPL plasma by recalcification with similar effects on growth of human MSC (Mojica-Henshaw et al., 2013).
The most important goals of palliative RT are pain relief, recalcification and stabilisation, reducing spinal cord compression and minimising the risk of paraplegia.
Follow-up imaging showed a significant response with tumor reduction, recalcification, and increasing stability of the pelvis again.
The liquid EQA materials could be used without any reconstitution or recalcification. The participants analyzed the 2 control samples in duplicate and reported the results within 1 week.
Hemocytes are not only very important for bivalve internal defense, but are also involved in wound healing, shell recalcification, excretion, and heavy metal sequestration (Cheng 1996, Ahearn et al.
In the kaolin test, 1 mL of citrated blood sample was mixed with kaolin, and a 340-iL aliquot of this blood was added to a TEG cup containing 20 [micro]L of 0.2M calcium chloride for recalcification. The kaolin with ecarin test was performed in a similar fashion using 20 [micro]L of an ecarin and calcium chloride solution (0.16M calcium chloride and 19 Endotoxin Units/mL [EU/mL] of ecarin).
Although these high doses would be toxic for some people, Lara's body responded with normal D3 levels and bone recalcification.
Recalcification time by more than a factor of 2 120.0 [+ or -] 2.3s to 60,3 [+ or -] 3,8s (P<0.001) shortened, which also talked about hyper coagulation orientation in hemostasis.
The other treatment modalities include bisphosphonates as reported other authors10,11 following benefits like reduction in pain and inflammatory symptoms with increased osseous density and recalcification of osteolytic lesion.