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1. Stubbornly resistant to or defiant of authority or guidance. See Synonyms at obstinate.
2. Difficult to manage or deal with: a recalcitrant problem.
3. Resistant to chemical decomposition; decomposing extremely slowly.
A recalcitrant person.

[Late Latin recalcitrāns, recalcitrant-, present participle of recalcitrāre, to be disobedient, from Latin, to deny access : re-, re- + calcitrāre, to kick (from calx, calc-, heel).]

re·cal′ci·trance, re·cal′ci·tran·cy n.
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Noun1.recalcitrancy - the trait of being unmanageablerecalcitrancy - the trait of being unmanageable  
intractability, intractableness - the trait of being hard to influence or control


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Ours was missing a peep hole & the deadbolt stuck recalcitrancy like
In a chapter titled "A Tale of Two Innocents," Brooks defines the innocence of Harry Wilbourne of "The Wild Palms" and the tall convict of "Old Man" as "a quality of stubborn idealism and ingrained romanticism that continues to leave its human possessor puzzled, shocked, or even 'outraged' (to use one of Faulkner's favorite words) with the recalcitrancy of reality" (208).
The extreme recalcitrancy of this species has precluded the generation of haploid or DH tomato plants by the more conventional route of microspore embryogenesis, and only limited success has been reported in the induction of the first sporophytic divisions from isolated microspores (Dao & Shamina, 1978; Segui-Simarro & Nuez, 2007; Varghese & Gulshan, 1986).