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Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Dennis Davin today celebrated the move to recapitalize the Business in Our Sites (BOS) program announcing that the Wolf Administration was successful in securing critical funding to support business development efforts.
Cypriot authorities have notably taken further action to reform the cooperative credit institutions sector and have set out a clear agenda to restructure and recapitalize other financial institutions.
Proceeds of the mezzanine loan are being used to recapitalize the portfolio as part of New York Life Insurance Company, Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale, Munchener Hypothekenbank EG, Westdeutsche Immobilienbank AG, and Wells Fargo's extension and modification of the $678.
A decision taken last year to recapitalize the eastern Caribbean operations of the collapsed British American Insurance Co.
9 billion) is needed to recapitalize the European banking system, but splits remain before a high-profile summit Sunday over how to strengthen the eurozone's bailout fund.
This month Credit Union Times reached out to readers to see how many were willing to recapitalize their corporate/primary corporate.
US regulators are drawing up rules that would make it easier for private equity firms to acquire troubled banks, aiming to free up more funds to recapitalize lenders,reports said.
We will win the war on terrorism, take care of our airmen, and recapitalize the Air Force.
He is, however, looking for investors to recapitalize the 30-year-old company.
Facilities have been aging and deteriorating as funds needed to sustain and recapitalize the facilities have fallen short of requirements.
SMBC), four other banks and the Matsushita group of companies will help recapitalize Matsushita Investment & Development Inc.
The company also said it continues to search for alternative ways to recapitalize its long-term debt.