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v. re·ca·pit·u·lat·ed, re·ca·pit·u·lat·ing, re·ca·pit·u·lates
1. To repeat in concise form.
2. Biology To appear to repeat (the evolutionary stages of the species) during the embryonic development of the individual organism.
To make a summary.

[Latin recapitulāre, recapitulāt- : re-, re- + capitulum, main point, heading, diminutive of caput, capit-, head; see kaput- in Indo-European roots.]

re·ca·pit′u·la′tive, re·ca·pit′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Table 1 Recapitulatory of the numerical characteristics of the model Minimum radius of the balls [R.sub.min], mm 0.2 Maximum radius of the balls [R.sub.max], mm 0.3 Outside radius of the Couette [R.sub.ext] , mm 50 Interior radius of the Couette Rint , mm 10 Step of time [DELTA]t,s 10-05 Simulation time [t.sub.sim], s 10 Particle-particle friction coefficient [[micro].sub.p-p] 0.5 Particle-cylinder friction coefficient [[micro].sub.p-p] 0.5 Table 2 Media particles thermo-mechanical characteristics Density Thermal [rho][kg/[m.sup.3]] conductivity [lambda][[w.m.sup.-1].[K.sup.-1]] Steel 7800 80 Copper 8954 386 Aluminum 2698 238 Thermal Young's capacity modulus Cp E [N/[m.sup.2]] [J/kg.K] Steel 400 [213.10.sup.9] Copper 383 [124.10.sup.9] Aluminum 929 [69.10.sup.9]
Acceptance of Hall's recapitulatory paradigm, especially between 1900 and 1915 among boy workers, for example, encouraged those interested in moral development to discern the precise epochs corresponding to different stages of boy life.
The outer form is crisp: four eight-bar phrases are followed by a ten-bar digression, which leads to a recapitulatory eight-bar phrase.
The tree, moreover, has always been a recapitulatory and fundamental symbol that aligns human life with nature.
Unit 2 contains The Chastising of God's Children, (6) which through loss of a quire after folio 70 lacks the passage from Chapter 18 at 169/21 to Chapter 20 at 180/19 and breaks off incompletely in Chapter 27 (the final recapitulatory chapter) at 223/6.
While adding some hip terms to the posthumanist lexicon, such as 'multinatural' (bringing temporality and diversity into concepts of 'nature' to de-essentialise Nature) and useful concepts such as 'nonhuman charisma' (the different ways our biocuriosity is seduced by animals' qualities), given that its eight chapters have all been published previously in verisimilar form, the book secretes the all-too-familiar feel of a collection of incohesive yet recapitulatory essays, rather than a sustained argument opening like a good tea after steeping in each chapter.
It makes eminent sense to subdivide the piece into a "Prologue" followed by an "Expository Space" and a "Recapitulatory Space" flanking a central body focusing on the themes and image depictions associated with the respective Female protagonists Fifine and Elvire.
This combination of what Said terms "undiminished power and yet strangely recapitulatory and even backward-looking and abstracted quality" (LS, 25) is also noted by Margaret Atwood, in an interview in the Times, where she connects the experience of aging with different or "untimely" ways of perceiving and writing about time, memory, and narrative: "If you are young you can imagine what it's like to be old but you haven't lived it.
At the same time, the journey operates in a recapitulatory mode to gather up the whole time of the poem, and the whole time of the Christian dispensation, moving us back to the poem's beginning, to Mary Magdalene's point of origin in the Holy Land, which is also the point of origin of the Church itself.
This is what happens when in the recapitulatory discussion of the passions concerning self-preservation he writes the following: