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At this moment I can recap to my mind their slender shafts, and the graceful inequalities of their bark, on which my eye was accustomed to dwell day after day in the midst of my solitary musings.
For the uninitiated, TWoP began in 1998 as a repository for "Dawson's Creek" recaps called (http://www.
The Gag Recap, a national newsletter published in Chalfont, Penn.
Entrepreneurs use private recaps when considering asset diversification or estate planning.
On the other side of the issue, detectives who use recaps prefer getting concise and clearly incriminating statements.
iii) Speculative Markets: Recaps increase shareholder value since there is an immediate prospect of cash disgorgement by incumbent management.
Finally, recaps solve the dilemma faced by CFOs slowly growing, mature companies: what to do with the excess cash flow that entices raiders into making a bid.