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Cornelius's Receipt Book as if it were a mathematical exercise, working out the problems with patience and care.
Maud had a genius for cooking, and Fanny hated it, so that little person was in her glory, studying receipt books, and taking lessons whenever Polly could give them.
A witness today told the High Court that she did not know why the duplicate copy of the RM2 million payment receipt given by Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to Aset Kayamas Sdn Bhd managing director Tan Sri Chai Kin Kong was not in Umno's official receipt book.
The team handed him over to the Millat Town police which recovered a fake receipt book of al-Faisal Nabina Markaz and locked him behind bars by registering a case against him.
The police also seized explosive material, six hand grenades, pistol, receipt book of a banned organisation, cash and bullets from their possession.
"She (the defendant) claimed she was using a new receipt book which did not make sense."
class="MsoNormalPUBLIC FUNDS class="MsoNormalThe bulk of cash was lost at the Commercial and Tax Division registry where Sh26.07 million was pocketed using 371 fake receipts which were not recorded in the Counter Receipt Book Register mdash the Judiciarys official record.
I wasn't allowed to have my own receipt book as I was only 17."
When asked to provide documents to check other vehicles he had allegedly bought and sold, he eventually provided a receipt book.
The police arrested him and recovered bogus receipt book from his possession whereas his two accomplices fled.
Dubai: A manager of an immigration services company has been accused of stealing from his workplace a receipt book with 50 invoices, the value of which totalled more than Dh360,000.
The Church gave the suspect a receipt book but according to police, it later transpired that he allegedly used other receipt books to collect donations, which he never declared.