receiver general

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receiv′er gen′eral


pl. receivers general.
a public official in charge of the government's treasury.
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Finally, the Public Accounts present estimates labeled as fair values (Canada, Receiver General for Canada 2012/13,2.35) that show the difference between "carrying value" and "fair value" for various federal assets and liabilities.
Westminster Abbey's receiver general Sir Stephen Lamport said Harry thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony for the Queen at the abbey, adding: "He said he enjoyed the service today very much.
Austen, then Receiver General of the County of Oxford, have been obliged to pay a very large sum of money to Government, to satisfy their claim on his Estate.
Jersey's Receiver General declared the pair's first find as "treasure trove."
For example, the Government of Canada's 2010 "Statement of Change in Net Debt" shows the increase in net debt over the year as comprising income for the year (annual surplus and other comprehensive income) plus changes in tangible assets (Canada, Receiver General 2010).
WELCOME: William chats with Receiver General Stephen Lamport as he arrives with Harry WAITING: Her Majesty, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Camilla get front row seats LONG WALK: Kate is led by her father Michael Middleton along the aisle as the choir sings WORRY-RING MOMENT: William struggles to push the gold wedding band on to Kate's finger I THEE WED: William stares lovingly into Kate's eyes as he takes her hand and makes his vows KNEEL-LY THERE: The couple kneel together at the Westminster Abbey altar during the service TWO BECOME ONE: William and Kate clasp hands as they leave the Abbey as man and wife
Except for 2002, when state senators and representatives were eligible under the now-repealed Clean Election Law, the funding has solely been offered to candidates vying for the state's six constitutional offices - governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer and receiver general, and auditor.
They will have to work out who murdered the Receiver General, the equivalent of a medieval taxman, whose body has been found in the castle's courtyard.
David Burden, receiver general at Westminster Abbey, said: "We deeply regret the incident."
Receiver General of the Abbey Major General David Burden defended the Abbey's security and insisted the Queen had been safe.
Peacock even served as Receiver General to the Duchy of Cornwall, which means that he oversaw the finances of the royal family.
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