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Noun1.receiving set - an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signalsreceiving set - an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals
amplifier - electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it
clock radio - a radio that includes a clock that can be set to turn it on automatically
crystal set - an early radio receiver using a crystal detector
detector - electronic equipment that detects the presence of radio signals or radioactivity
demodulator, detector - rectifier that extracts modulation from a radio carrier wave
heterodyne receiver, superhet, superheterodyne receiver - a radio receiver that combines a locally generated frequency with the carrier frequency to produce a supersonic signal that is demodulated and amplified
push-button radio - a radio receiver that can be tuned by pressing buttons
radio, wireless - a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves
radio-gramophone, radio-phonograph - electronic equipment consisting of a combination of a radio receiver and a record player
receiver, receiving system - set that receives radio or tv signals
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An American rancher, in preparation for his death, placed an order for a $1,200 steel coffin with provision for an up-to-date radio receiving set. His explanation for the radio-equipped coffin was simple: he wanted "to hear what's going on in the world after he died." He believed that his soul would remain near his body until the day of judgment.
As The Journal reported, William was accused of possessing wireless telegraphy apparatus including "one complete receiving set of a fairly formidable type that could receive a message from a considerable distance, probably Paris or Berlin".
To ensure correct navigation, Mackay purchased a nine-valve superheterodyne wireless receiving set, and carried it for the whole trip.
That first day's broadcast came from a small room over a cinema at 19 Castle Street, opposite the castle where the Marquess of Bute, in his winter smoking room, sat in front of a very expensive Crossley model XJ four-tube crystal receiving set - finest Waterstone crystal, naturally.
In Barcelona six hospitals and eight sanitoria were built and dental services and surgery were free, provided by doctors, receiving set payments.
Herter, suggests that the department considered the feasibility of imposing a system of license fees, despite Hoover's steadfast public pronouncements to the contrary, if a satisfactory collection system could be found: "Do you know anything about the receiving sets advertised in the attached circular [?] I should be much interested in learning how the use of the receiving set can be controlled so that a monthly fee can be charged for its use" (Terrell 1923).
T260HD, a 25.5-inch full HD monitor, features an embedded DTV tuner so that users can watch digital HD broadcasts without a special receiving set. With six image input terminals, users can connect several pieces of digital equipment to the T260HD and use them simultaneously.
She recalls, while living in Pittsburgh in about 1924, listening with her family to radio station KDKA on a crystal receiving set. At the time, the radio station held a contest for the young girls among their listeners.
James Newson's 165 yards in receiving set an OSU bowl record and were second-most in Insight Bowl history behind Shawn Foreman's 189 yards for West Virginia in 1998.
The ANNLR-l Avenger FLIR Receiving Set made by Raytheon (El Segundo, CA) consists of a passive, serial scanned, infrared imaging system operating in the 8-12 [micro] spectral region.
The display is created in real time by the computer in your receiving set, rather than by a director in the program-originator's control room.
The receiving set itself could be made to display in detail how to program the TV selection.