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1. A critical revision of a text incorporating the most plausible elements found in varying sources.
2. A text so revised.

[Latin recēnsiō, recēnsiōn-, a reviewing, from recēnsēre, to review : re-, re- + cēnsēre, to estimate; see kens- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a critical revision of a literary work
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a text revised in this way
[C17: from Latin recēnsiō, from recēnsēre to survey, from re- + cēnsēre to assess]


(rɪˈsɛn ʃən)

a critical revision of a text, esp. one based on examination of its sources.
[1810–20; < Latin recēnsiō revision of the censor's roll =re- re- + cēnsēre to estimate, assess]
re•cen′sion•ist, n.


[rɪˈsenʃən] Nrecensión f


nRezension f
References in classic literature ?
It is probable that this and other superfluous incidents disappeared after the Alexandrian arrangement of the poems in the Cycle, either as the result of some later recension, or merely through disuse.
He suspected the Archdeacon of not having read them; he was in painful doubt as to what was really thought of them by the leading minds of Brasenose, and bitterly convinced that his old acquaintance Carp had been the writer of that depreciatory recension which was kept locked in a small drawer of Mr.
He discusses the Arian controversy and the "authentic" letters of Ignatius; God language in the Ignatian long recension: a christological profile; the Ignatian long recension in fourth-century christological context; Eusebius of Caesarea, Athanasius of Alexandria, and Ignatius of Antioch; and John Chrysostom: in defense of Ignatius.
En complement de La blessure du nom (2008) qui fait l'objet de la presente recension et constitue le tout premier volume de la belle petite collection <<Anthropologie prospective>>, on lira ainsi avec le plus grand profit un autre de ses ouvrages, tout aussi rigoureux et remarquable, publie quelques annees plus tard dans la meme collection : Variations metisses.
Aunque no es usual que el autor de un capitulo escriba la recension del libro, la licencia se justifica en este caso por tratarse de un texto de no facil acceso.
Cette recension des ecrits ciblant 26 articles permet d'identifier les differents roles du patient partenaire, ainsi que les retombees et les defis de son introduction dans le continuum de formation selon la perspective des patients partenaires, des etudiants et de l'equipe professorale.
Gaunt contrasts the more thoroughgoing domestication of the French redaction of the Devisement to the freer, less consistent Tuscan recension which conveys the conglomerate of foreign and familiar in its source texts.
Her introduction covers the structure and function of the cycle; Parvati and the hierarchy of goddesses; the relationship of the manuscripts of the S recension and text-critical remarks; the transmission of the S recension and its implications for the date of the Skandapurana; the relationship of the manuscripts of the A recension; and grammar, meter, and vocabulary.
En el ano 2001 el profesor Joaquin Ferrer publico el manual Filosofa de la religion, de lo que se hizo eco Scripta Theologica al incluir en uno de los numeros del ano siguiente una recension (3/2002, pp.
This section includes highly original research and analysis of the manuscripts, enabling the editors to make assertions about the origins of the recension on which the manuscripts were based.
L'auteur doit clairement identifier s'il s'agit d'un rapport de recherche ou d'une recension d'ecrits.