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Noun1.reception desk - a counter (as in a hotel) where guests are receivedreception desk - a counter (as in a hotel) where guests are received
counter - table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
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We thanked the personnel at the reception desk and left to go to the gate.
Ribbon light provides illumination from the underside of the reception desk.
The typical scenario in the hotel is that you come to the reception desk and you check in, then you take the key card from the key card coder, which is fixed at the reception desk.
"My friend was on the reception desk and she came to get me because she couldn't understand him," said Robyn.
The council said it was not stopping the petition but staff were put in the position of appearing to support the campaign to save the baths if the document was on the reception desk.
"If I had managed to dial the number of the reception desk, I would have suffered less damage.
The presentation also included a half-scale model of a custom reception desk and a question and answer session on construction and millwork techniques.
West Hollywood shakes things up with the opening of Balliamos, a ballroom dance studio offering same-sex, as well as traditional, instruction World Champion same-sex dancers Jacob Jason and Willem de Vries welcome dancers of every level, style, and orientation to attend classes at the groundbreaking new studio, complete with studded leather reception desk and black chandeliers.
The 5,600 s/f Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology office houses a waiting room, reception desk and office, sonogram room, private offices, exam rooms, and storage areas.
I'd have given anything to be on the reception desk when she checked out to say: "Elvis' daughter has just left the building."
In addition, the building is controlled by commissionaires at a front reception desk.