receptive aphasia

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Noun1.receptive aphasia - aphasia characterized by fluent but meaningless speech and severe impairment of the ability understand spoken or written words
aphasia - inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion
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There are two types - expressive or receptive aphasia - depending on whether there are difficulties with understanding or expressing language or both.
The broad and more classic classification used by the National Aphasia Association (2015), the Heart and Stroke Foundation (2013), the American Heart Association (2015), and the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD, 2010) when discussing aphasia with the lay community includes three types: expressive aphasia, receptive aphasia, and global aphasia.
Receptive aphasia patients have been described as fluent, with moderate to severe anomia and language comprehension difficulties.