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tr.v. re·cer·ti·fied, re·cer·ti·fy·ing, re·cer·ti·fies
To renew the certification of, especially certification given by a licensing board.

re′cer·ti·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.


vb (tr) , -fies, -fying or -fied
formal to certify (someone or something) again, for a second time or differently
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Additionally, any helmet older than two years should be reconditioned and recertified to the NOCSAE standard.
Individual renovators who received certification on or before March 31, 2010, now have until March 31, 2016, to get recertified.
A Rockwell Collins company that distributes new and recertified engine and airframe parts, Intertrade has announced the opening of a new distribution center at the Singapore Changi Airport to store and ship inventory.
Summary: Doha Bank Assurance Company, the insurance arm of the Doha Bank Group, has been successfully recertified with ISO 9001:2008, a global symbol for compliance with the established standards for business excellence.
Four companies recertified in 2012 through the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business's Progressive Aboriginal Relations program: Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
The briefing took place on the day that the new CBA was ratified (July 25, 2011), but before the NFLPA was recertified as a union.
Others complain about opaque and arbitrary rules governing decisions as to which projects get recertified.
Even though some used trench shields are beyond repair, many are repairable, and can be repaired and recertified at an affordable cost.
State law says, "A municipality within a district of more than three towns whose appropriation meets or exceeds the recertified amount need not hold a second town meeting.
For physicians recertified more than 10 years ago, the treatment intensification rate was about 22%, compared with 17% for those recertified in the last decade.
In all the other cases, she decertified them but then immediately recertified with new security conditions.