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At times, however, Kipling too gives voice to religious feelings, of a simple sort, in an impressive fashion, as in 'McAndrews' Hymn,' 'The Recessional,' and 'When earth's last picture is painted.' His sweeping rhythms and his grandiose forms of expression, suggestive of the vast spaces of ocean and plain and of inter-stellar space with which he delights to deal, have been very widely copied by minor verse-writers.
Though I will admit Germany is having a small recessional problem at present.
RUDYARD Kipling wrote his poem 'Recessional' for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
Musical genius Rony Fortich composed a special Disney compilation for our recessional march.
The Junior High Band played the Recessional March as the new graduates left the floor and gathered in the cafeteria for pictures and congratulations from family and friends.
The social media post, which features some never seen before pictures, is accompanied by the song This Little Light Of Mine which they point out was chosen by the couple for their recessional on their wedding day.
"The selected song "This Little Light of Mine" was chosen by the couple for their recessional. We hope you enjoy reliving this moment, and seeing some behind the scenes photos from this special day."
Mentioning the song that the couple opted for their recessional, the post read, "The selected song "This Little Light of Mine" was chosen by the couple for their recessional.
"Ave Maria," "Bridal March," "Wedding March," "Recessional" and "Wedding Processional" all provide pianists a much-appreciated relief from the standard wedding repertoire.
Afterwards, there was recessional music as the cortege left the church.
Both concerts will conclude with Night of Silence, the recessional inspired by Silent Night.