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re·ces·sion 1

1. The fact or action of moving away or back, especially:
a. The erosion of a cliff or headland from a given point, as from the action of a waterfall.
b. The reduction of a glacier from a point of advancement.
c. The motion of celestial objects away from one another in an expanding universe.
2. A significant period of economic decline from the peak to the trough of a business cycle, characterized by decreasing aggregate output and often by rising unemployment.
3. The withdrawal in a line or file of participants in a ceremony, especially clerics and choir members after a church service.

[Latin recessiō, recessiōn-, from recessus, past participle of recēdere, to recede; see recede1.]

re·ces′sion·ar′y adj.

re·ces·sion 2

n. Law
The restoration of property by a grantee back to the previous owner by means of a legal conveyance.
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(Economics) of, caused by, or undergoing economic recession
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Adj.1.recessionary - of or pertaining to a recession
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[rɪˈseʃənərɪ] ADJ [factors etc] → recesivo
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Though there was no one element to cause the stampede into bonds, the recessionary signal from curve inversion, ongoing trade tensions, geopolitical risks, a much increased no-deal Brexit, poor outlooks from retailers, and technicals, all added up to undermine sentiment.
Under a 'Asf' scenario in a recessionary environment, the curve starts at 30% and increase before reaching 100% after 12 months.
NORTHERN Ireland "looks to be on the brink of recessionary territory", a top economist warned yesterday.
The devaluation of Chinese currency yuan will have an adverse impact on India's textiles exports and clothing, which is facing sluggish growth due to recessionary conditions in global markets, an industry body has said.
"The southward trend in oil prices is more recessionary than inflationary," said Bharat Bhatia, CEO of Conares, which operates a steel rebar plant.
The outlook for Spain's banking system is negative, as it has been since 2008, Moody's Investors Service said in a new Banking System Outlook, on the expectation that the banks will continue to operate in a recessionary economy, burdened by high levels on non-performing assets that are expected to significantly deteriorate further, with continued pressure on profitability and capital.
THE average car is older now than it was a quarter of a century ago, according to a new report from British Car Auctions, Motorists are having to buy older cars as recessionary pressures continue to bite and the average age of cars on UK roads is now 7.44 years - a significant rise from 2008 when it was 6.93.
Summary: Bank Audi said that despite the economic slowdown in Lebanon this year the country was still able to avoid a recessionary trap thanks to positive monetary and financial indicators.
We find that net working capital and long-term debt levels of wholesalers are not significantly affected by the business cycle, whereas retailers have significantly less net working capital and more long- term debt in the recessionary period compared to the expansionary period.
Summary: DUBAI - Innovative LED-technology can offer huge dividends in the airport illumination, reducing energy savings and maintenance costs for the airports in the Middle East region, many of which are in the expansion mode defying recessionary trends in Europe and elsewhere, experts said at the Airport Show 2012, which opened in Dubai on Tuesday.
Indeed, strong performance across numerous measures --sales growth, share, trips, basket size--would suggest that drug was well positioned to find numerous silver linings within the recessionary storm clouds.