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tr.v. re·charged, re·charg·ing, re·charg·es
To charge again, especially to reenergize a storage battery.

re′charge′ n.
re·charge′a·ble adj.
re·charg′er n.


a device used to charge a rechargeable battery from the mains electricity supply
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Capable d'assurer la charge meme en roulant, il peut recharger 30 a 60% de la batterie par jour a raison de 6 heures de charge quotidienne, soit un gain d'autonomie pouvant s'elever a 1300 km sur une annee.
The Montreal Convention which is regarded as the recharger of all the previously made conventions has provisions clarifying the liability of air carrier.
A top-up of QR1 will earn an unregistered user 10 points, while a registered recharger will get 20 points.
Ellie Little S6 - kinetic energy battery recharger ?
"We also advise all clinicians to regularly warn DBS patients to strictly follow the manufacturer's safety recommendations and not to charge the recharger and IPG simultaneously during a thunderstorm," the authors write.
Hitachi's innovative V2X Charger is the first recharger that cannot only recharge an electric car but can also discharge the energy back into the building/grid providing different flexibilities including kW, DeltakW, kWh and VAR.
A car can be recharged in 30 minutes, eight times faster than a regular recharger, providing enough power to travel 200 kilometers.
Le service "Storm" permet au client de recharger sa ligne Ooredoo, aussi bien, en espAaAaAeA ces dans les bureaux d'Algrie Poste, travers territoire national, ou bien en utilisant la nouvelle carte Edahabia via le site web d'Algrie Poste ( dans l'espace rserv Edahabia Baridi net, prcise la mAaAaAeAnme sourc
Intelligent Energy already has a fuel cell recharger in the market, dubbed Upp, but the hardware is a separate boxy unit that connects to a device via USB.
FUEL Active PS14.99, from WHAT A looks like T your average torch is actually a nifty little battery recharger. The Patriot Fuel Active (available in three colours), is a good af-ffordable option for when you're out and about - even if it's just walking the dog at dusk.
The Design Guide provides the most up-to-date information for designing CULTEC stormwater systems in a condensed, easy-to-follow booklet and includes the company's latest technical and design information as well as drawing details regarding CULTEC's Contactor and Recharger chambers, Landscaper Series and StormFilter water quality units.