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With over 25 years experience in product finishing, Motivair have depots throughout their operating territory and are able to offer excellent sales and after sales service on Gema manual units, auto guns, reciprocators and powder recovery spray booths.
All users of reciprocators and robots with a high degree of automatic control equipment have experienced variations in output parameters.
The possibilities for expansion run from simple hand coating operation via expansion into a simple automatic plant with rigid guns, integration of reciprocators, height, gap and depth control right up to a fully automated coating booth.
* Automated reciprocators for high-volume production of sheet and contoured shapes.
This figure included six electro-mechanical reciprocators for surface parts, six positioning reciprocators and 16 guns per booth, one manual gun, and two control cabinets.
Guns may be mounted in fixed mode or on manipulators such as reciprocators or swingers.
Its variable speed, variable stroke AC drive reciprocators are suitable for both paint and powder applications.
PHOTO : Below: Stainless steel powder booth with electro mechanical reciprocators carrying five guns each side.
The robot/lift model, which can be mounted on robots and reciprocators, is integrated into a WAGNER coating system.
David McGrory corporate partner, Edinburgh and member of Dentons' UK China Group E: W: A DECADE ago you might not have matched Scotland and China in terms of reciprocators of business opportunities, however in the last few years there have been some really exciting deals and ventures between the two markets, and these activity levels are only set to increase as the Chinese market diversifies even further.
In other words, this group of social media reciprocators may be somewhat synonymous with those who are highly engaged and active online in creating content and building an audience for that content.