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tr.v. re·claimed, re·claim·ing, re·claims
1. To resume possession of; take back: reclaimed our luggage; reclaimed the heavyweight boxing title.
2. Chiefly British To legally request what is due: reclaimed the tax that is owed.
3. To require or deserve again: The movie reclaimed my attention.
4. To bring into or return to a suitable condition for use, as cultivation or habitation: reclaim marshlands; reclaim strip-mined land.
5. To procure (usable substances) from refuse or waste products; recycle.
6. To bring back, as from error, to a right or proper course; reform. See Synonyms at save1.
7. To use or reinterpret (a historically derogatory name or term) in a positive way, as in pride for one's social group.
8. To tame (a falcon, for example).
Restoration to a previous or reformed state: a life beyond reclaim.

[Middle English reclamen, to call back, from Old French reclamer, to entreat, from Latin reclāmāre : re-, re- + clāmāre, to cry out; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]

re·claim′a·ble adj.
re·claim′ant, re·claim′er n.
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Adj.1.reclaimable - capable of being used again
useful, utile - being of use or service; "the girl felt motherly and useful"; "a useful job"; "a useful member of society"
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[rɪˈkleɪməbl] ADJ [land] → recuperable; [materials, by-products] → recuperable, reciclable
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adj landnutzbar; by-productsregenerierbar; money, taxrückverlangbar
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A profligate single man is shocking--but reclaimable. It is possible to blame him severely, and to insist on his reformation in the most uncompromising terms.
Already rich in nutrients and microbes, the fermenting heap mostly requires nurturing to make methane gas, wastewater, and reclaimable solids.
The resident page structures are used to keep track of the state of the machine's physical pages (e.g., free, reclaimable, in use in which virtual-memory object).
There's another potential drawback: accountants believe that only four years' worth of overpaid VAT will be reclaimable by clubs, although some could be entitled to recover a little more.
Tax is reclaimable as far back as 2009, when reliefs were more generous, but a lack of awareness or natural apathy has led to many windfalls remaining unclaimed.
Formulated to ensure a seamless coated surface, Era-Coat MDF products can coat both the front and back of the MDF board at once, and leaves it reclaimable, safe, resistant to scratches, water, stains and impact.
"Staff who use their cars contractually are feeling a triple penalisation as they have to have business class insurance (not reclaimable), no essential car users' allowance to help with repairs etc and then a charge for parking with no guarantee of a space.
Table 1--Several Industry Drivers for Sustainbility Industry Driver Comment VOC compliance Ultra-low to near-zero VOC options favor waterborne and 100% solids technologies Environmentally preferred Preferences and trends of the industry content shape choices Renewable materials Natural oil polyols (NOP) from soy or castor beans Re-usable materials Reclaimable UV coatings used in furniture and wood manufacturing Recycled content Used polymer glycolysis; fillers created from waste stream Energy efficiency Cool roof coatings; UV cure vs.
"I declined to commit perjury by over-imaginative recollection of such expenses, and since former Epsom trainer Stanley Wootton, who owned the horsebox company, shared our disappointment and insisted on not charging for Be Friendly's transport, my reclaimable outgoings were a mere seven guineas for Scobie's fee.
Or approximately [euro]5,000 a ticket (flights, yachts, hotels, and parties all cost extra, but are reclaimable on expenses).