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tr.v. re·claimed, re·claim·ing, re·claims
1. To resume possession of; take back: reclaimed our luggage; reclaimed the heavyweight boxing title.
2. Chiefly British To legally request what is due: reclaimed the tax that is owed.
3. To require or deserve again: The movie reclaimed my attention.
4. To bring into or return to a suitable condition for use, as cultivation or habitation: reclaim marshlands; reclaim strip-mined land.
5. To procure (usable substances) from refuse or waste products; recycle.
6. To bring back, as from error, to a right or proper course; reform. See Synonyms at save1.
7. To use or reinterpret (a historically derogatory name or term) in a positive way, as in pride for one's social group.
8. To tame (a falcon, for example).
Restoration to a previous or reformed state: a life beyond reclaim.

[Middle English reclamen, to call back, from Old French reclamer, to entreat, from Latin reclāmāre : re-, re- + clāmāre, to cry out; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]

re·claim′a·ble adj.
re·claim′ant, re·claim′er n.
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Adj.1.reclaimable - capable of being used again
useful, utile - being of use or service; "the girl felt motherly and useful"; "a useful job"; "a useful member of society"


[rɪˈkleɪməbl] ADJ [land] → recuperable; [materials, by-products] → recuperable, reciclable


adj landnutzbar; by-productsregenerierbar; money, taxrückverlangbar
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A profligate single man is shocking--but reclaimable.
First, the stucco is not reclaimable, and at either steel or copper base processing temperatures the flour is not reclaimable.
Tenders are invited for work consists of milling to a depth of 2" and overlaying the milled areas with 2", 1025 gal of tack coat, 8170 sy of hot mix asphaltic pavement, type c, 2" thickness, 8170 sy of salvaging, hauling, and stockpiling reclaimable asphaltic pavement (2"), 2 sy of pothole repair, 2200 ea of furnish and install 4" wide yellow line, see attached file.
In this event the VAT effect should be zero on the lessee as the amount payable will be reclaimable against output VAT charged by the tenant.
The saving on stamp duty alone will be PS180,000, compared with buying a PS4m house and, if the house is demolished and rebuilt behind the facade, the VAT on the cost of building a new build house is reclaimable plus, with an estimated PS700,000 build cost, there should be a tidy, tax free, profit for you at the end.
Called an Advanced Distillation and Nutrient Separation (ADNS) Processor for dairy wastewater, the new technology could move dairy operations from simply managing manure resources on available land to actually treating wastewater to produce clean reclaimable water.
In zero-rating, the taxes on input costs are reclaimable.
Modern building products which are neither reclaimable nor recyclable are a massive challenge for the industry, and it is hoped that designers and manufacturers can put their heads together to create solutions that are both innovative and planet-friendly, making 100% recycling for the industry not only a dream but a reality.
Instead of being dependent on Bitcoin price fluctuations, users hold reclaimable tokens representing euros.
AHMRC does not know what your earnings for the tax year will be, therefore you will have been taxed at an emergency rate, however it is reclaimable.
In reaction, BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares denied she was deliberately withholding repayments, and suggested the business groups had greatly overestimated the amount of reclaimable VAT.