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1. Botany Bent or turned downward toward the base.
2. Zoology Directed backward: reclinate bristles.

[Latin reclīnātus, past participle of reclīnāre, to recline; see recline.]
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(Botany) (esp of a leaf or stem) naturally curved or bent backwards so that the upper part rests on the ground
[C18: from Latin reclīnātus bent back]
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(ˈrɛk ləˌneɪt, -nɪt)

bending or curved downward.
[1745–55; < Latin reclīnātus (past participle of reclīnāre to recline); see -ate1]
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Eye bare; arista bare; ocellar seta proclinate, short or weak; outer vertical seta reduced, indistinguishable from postocular seta; frontal setae descending to level of upper third of parafacial, flanked by irregular row of shorter setae; fronto-orbital plate with short and thin setulae from vertex level to lowermost frontal seta; one reclinate orbital seta; proclinate orbital seta absent; parafacial bare except for a few hairs below lowest frontal seta; arista tapering smoothly to apex; first aristomere short; second aristomere slightly longer than wide; vibrissa stout, inserted above level of lower facial margin; palpus clavate, slightly bowed on apical third and slightly longer than prementum; lower facial margin slightly projected; genal dilation covered with thin black setulae.
Le facciate si appoggiano l'una all'altra, come donne reclinate l'una verso l'altra per non cadere, invase dal subito languore d'aprile"/"From Palazzo Dario to the Church of the Salute, the brick and stone in the rosy light become almost fleshly.
Unless otherwise specified, all species described below are characterized as follows: Frons wider than long; ocellar triangle black; oc developed, longer than anterior or, anterior or reclinate, shorter than the posterior.
4B); second pair reclinate, XA length of first globular-tipped orbital pair.
Male with a pair of reclinate orbitals setae in front ocellus M.
Henry and Quentin's supposed conversation is not only a palindrome but a circular, reclinate structure, which returns to the exact point where it began.
Inner vertical setae strong, reclinate and slightly divergent; no outer vertical seta.
Two pairs of reclinate fronto-orbital bristles, anterior bristle slightly shorter than posterior bristle, and placed closer to posterior bristle than to anterior edge of frons.
Diagnosis: The following combination of features will aid recognition of this genus: body elongate, tapering posteriorly; lunule low, bare; 2 pairs of strong reclinate fronto-orbital setae present; postocellar setae present, convergent; ocellar setae strong, proclinate; 2 postsutural dorsocentral setae present, lacking presutural dorsocentral seta; frons lacking black transverse band across anterior fronto-orbital setae; anepisternal seta absent.
2 Fronto-orbital setae reclinate or occasionally mesoclinate, frons lacking a proclinate seta.