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1. Botany Bent or turned downward toward the base.
2. Zoology Directed backward: reclinate bristles.

[Latin reclīnātus, past participle of reclīnāre, to recline; see recline.]


(Botany) (esp of a leaf or stem) naturally curved or bent backwards so that the upper part rests on the ground
[C18: from Latin reclīnātus bent back]


(ˈrɛk ləˌneɪt, -nɪt)

bending or curved downward.
[1745–55; < Latin reclīnātus (past participle of reclīnāre to recline); see -ate1]
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Le facciate si appoggiano l'una all'altra, come donne reclinate l'una verso l'altra per non cadere, invase dal subito languore d'aprile"/"From Palazzo Dario to the Church of the Salute, the brick and stone in the rosy light become almost fleshly.
Unless otherwise specified, all species described below are characterized as follows: Frons wider than long; ocellar triangle black; oc developed, longer than anterior or, anterior or reclinate, shorter than the posterior.
4B); second pair reclinate, XA length of first globular-tipped orbital pair.
Male with a pair of reclinate orbitals setae in front ocellus M.
Henry and Quentin's supposed conversation is not only a palindrome but a circular, reclinate structure, which returns to the exact point where it began.
Species of Stenomicra differ from other Periscelididae by the presence of two reclinate fronto-orbital setae (lower seta occasionally mesoclinate); frons lacking interfrontal setae; ocellar setae absent; postpronotum lacking a well-developed seta; eyes microsetulose, sometimes sparsely so; katepisternum bearing 1 prominent seta; hindfemur lacking anterodorsal, preapical seta; supra-alar seta lacking; lateral scutellar setae 1 pair, apical; wing with anal lobe greatly reduced; costa long, extended to vein M; alula indistinct; vein CuA2 weak or lacking; cell cup usually lacking (Mathis & Rung, in press).
Inner vertical setae strong, reclinate and slightly divergent; no outer vertical seta.
Two pairs of reclinate fronto-orbital bristles, anterior bristle slightly shorter than posterior bristle, and placed closer to posterior bristle than to anterior edge of frons.
36 X head width; 5-6 frontal setae; reclinate orbital setae strong; proclinate fronto orbital setae small and weak; inner vertical setae strong and reclinate, outer vertical setae absent; ocellar triangle black, with one pair of proclinate ocellar setae; postocular setae black; genal groove and anterior half of genal dilation with golden microtomentum; posterior half of genal dilation and postgena with gray microtomentum and pale setae, gena with black setae; face black with gray microtomentum; facial ridge black with gray microtomentum, with setae and setulae close to vibrissa; 3-2 subvibrissal setae; antenna reddish, first flagellomere 1.