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v. re·clined, re·clin·ing, re·clines
1. To lean back or lie down on one's back.
2. To be adjustable so that the occupant may recline rather than sit up: a seat that reclines.
To cause to recline.

[Middle English reclinen, from Old French recliner, from Latin reclīnāre : re-, re- + -clīnāre, to bend; see klei- in Indo-European roots.]

rec′li·na′tion (rĕk′lə-nā′shən) n.
References in classic literature ?
Here in the evening the favourite reclined, watching the peonies vie with the sunset beyond.
The cat walked up to the bench on which the Patchwork Girl reclined and looked at her attentively.
They all bent over the bench on which the Patchwork Girl reclined.
Emily reclined again in her corner of the carriage.
As soon as we were alone, my aunt reclined on the sofa, and then alluded, with some appearance of confusion, to the subject of her Will.
Her mother had taken it rather as a disturbance than otherwise, to be visited, as she reclined upon her sofa; young people, Louisa felt herself all unfit for; Sissy she had never softened to again, since the night when the stroller's child had raised her eyes to look at Mr.
She reclined, propped up, from mere habit, on a couch: as nearly in her old usual attitude, as anything so helpless could be kept in.
The chairs can be reclined right back simply by pulling the lever and come complete with coffee table.
Edmond Alexandre, 60, was charged in federal court with interfering with flight crew members after becoming enraged when a woman passenger sitting in the seat in front of him reclined the seat, encroaching on his space.
Three days later an American Airlines flight bound for Paris was diverted to Boston after a male passenger became upset when a woman reclined her seat in front of him.
It is possible that Hillary Clinton would not know the seat in front of her had reclined, since she is famous for being able to fall asleep at will.
I was flying back from holiday this week when the man in front reclined without warning - sending my laptop flying.