(of a container, package, etc) capable of being closed again after opening


or re•close•a•ble

(riˈkloʊ zə bəl)

capable of being closed again easily or tightly after opening.
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Alternate fastening solutions aided by the use of 3M[TM] Reclosable Fasteners and 3M[TM] VHB[TM] Tapes will specifically be demonstrated," according to Julie Levins, Market Development Manager at Tekra.
7-ounce stand-up reclosable bags, Dark Chocolate Thins will be available at grocery, mass, specialty retail and convenience stores selling for a suggested $4.
Synerlinks SnapLid reclosable technology offers cost and time saving convenience.
Tenders are invited for waste water supplies that includes fifteen (15) cases of vwr item #89093998 trace clean tall wide mouth jars, clear with caps, volume 1l, 12/case and two (2) cases of vwr item #89005-344 standard reclosable clear bags with whiteblock for writting or labeling, 2 mil thick, 15.
We also have the ability to add high barrier features within our film facestocks, through the adhesives," According to Marella, the food market has seen an increased need for reclosable technology, as 190 billion retail units will switch to flexible packaging by 2019.
Reclosable is nice, and it's a good size for the amount of product.
The iconic Danepak brand underwent a multi-million pound relaunch during 2015, with a completely new look and included the use of Iposol, a solution of water and sea salt which when used in Danepak's unique curing process, delivers the same great taste and eating experience with 30% less salt than standard bacon, in addition, an innovative reclosable packaging format was introduced, which was a UK first.
Packaged in reclosable gusseted bags ranging from 4- to 4.
The new reclosable LongLife[TM] plastic pet food pack from RPC Superfos provides an excellent alternative to the traditional aluminium tray, combining ease of use with an extended shelf life.
Today, those same healthy products can be purchased straight off the retail shelf in single-serve or reclosable pouches--making it more convenient than ever for consumers to simply grab-and-go.
The Phaser XP offers a number of machine options including a package support with eject, ultra-low profile frame design, fiber optic print registration, polyethylene film 4 seal jaws, hole punch, tear notch, flavor injection, pre-zippered reclosable package solutions and many more.
A-B will also debut the new Bud Light reclosable aluminum bottle with a 30-second spot title "So Cool.