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Noun1.recoding - converting from one code to another
coding, steganography, cryptography, secret writing - act of writing in code or cipher
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In this connection, Additional IG Counter-Terrorism Department, Sindh, Sanaullah Abbasi has formally requested the KP police for helping in tracing and recoding the statements of father and brother of Naqeebullah.
By recoding the genomes of bacterial strains used in biologics production, GRO Biosciences can expand beyond the 20 amino acid building blocks typically found in proteins to introduce non-standard amino acids that can customise the shape and chemical properties of the protein.
According to the study, squids, octopuses and cuttlefish contain tens of thousands of "recoding sites," where RNA editing creates proteins that are different from the ones encoded in the DNA.
Histide is a biotech intellectual property platform company focused on developing Cell Recoding Molecules.
Histide will use the fresh funds to further expand its IP licensing pipeline, advance the clinical development of its Recoding Molecules technology and to address new diseases, the company explained in its press release.
Adaptive recoding CORDIC-based butterfly is introduced in section III.
Summary: The famous Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny finished recoding a new patriotic song...
Muscat, 18 Sept: The General index of Muscat Securities Market closed 0.78% up recoding 6653.12 points.
Shortly after the recoding of the 297 billets in 1997, follow-on leadership allowed the uncoordinated recoding of over 150 MI/ FA 34 billets back to MI/Br 35.
Bognanno would like to meet with OPM officials to discuss the ramifications of the recoding issue, but says he's been rebuffed.
In reality, virtually all systems, at all hierarchical levels, recode both incoming and outgoing information, although the degree and nature of the recoding can vary widely from one system to another.