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Adj.1.recognisable - capable of being recognized
identifiable - capable of being identified
مُمْكِن التَّعَرُّف عَلَيْه



(ˈrekəgnaiz) verb
1. to see, hear etc (a person, thing etc) and know who or what that person, thing etc is, because one has seen or heard him, it etc before. I recognized his voice/handwriting; I recognized him by his voice.
2. to admit, acknowledge. Everyone recognized his skill.
3. to be willing to have political relations with. Many countries were unwilling to recognize the new republic.
4. to accept as valid, well-qualified etc. I don't recognize the authority of this court.
ˌrecogˈnizable, ˌrecogˈnisable adjective
(negative unrecognizable).
ˌrecogˈnizably, ˌrecogˈnisably adverb
ˌrecogˈnition (-ˈniʃən) noun
the act or state of recognizing or being recognized. They gave the boy a medal in recognition of his courage; I said hello to him but he showed no recognition.
References in classic literature ?
If his civic and family life have to do with literature, everything will be printed and read and laughed over and discussed; until at length, he hardly dare show his face in the street at all, seeing that he will have been described by report as recognisable through his gait alone
I find them in almost as recognisable a form in a young woman from the State of Maine, in the province of New England, with whom I have had a good deal of conversation.
No one has been able to point out what kind, or what amount, of difference in any recognisable character is sufficient to prevent two species crossing.
Such cases are highly important, for they prove that the capacity in any two species to cross is often completely independent of their systematic affinity, or of any recognisable difference in their whole organisation.
Thin remains of a discoloured moustache and whiskers, hanging over the upper lip, and over the hollows where the cheeks had once been, made the head just recognisable as the head of a man.
That they had been engaged in the destruction of some building was sufficiently apparent, and that it was a Catholic place of worship was evident from the spoils they bore as trophies, which were easily recognisable for the vestments of priests, and rich fragments of altar furniture.
The tactile feature on the Dh500 denomination consists of a pair of three horizontal lines, separated by a recognisable distance, around the middle of the right and left short sides of the note.
There are recognisable signature elements in there but it's a different arrangement with newer elements.
The penultimate episode focuses on casting and demand for recognisable faces is huge, which is why Top Hat producer Kenny Wax is in a pickle now that Casualty and Strictly Come Dancing star Tom Chambers (pictured) has come to the end of his contract.
Chroma Utopia features 28 new works which showcase her fascination with layering - placing transparent glazes over the surface of a painting - which has become a recognisable signature of her practice.
Summary: One of the internet's most recognisable faces, Soviet singer Eduard Khil, aka Mr Trololo, has died in St Petersburg, Russia, aged 77.