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 (rĭ-kŏg′nĭ-zəns, -kŏn′ĭ-)
n. Law
1. An obligation, entered into before a judge or magistrate, to perform a particular action, such as appearing in court, without the posting of a bond: released on his own recognizance.
2. A sum of money pledged to assure the performance of such an action.

[Middle English recognisanze, from Old French recognuissance, alteration (influenced by Medieval Latin recognizāre, to recognize) of reconoissance, from reconoistre, reconoiss-, to recognize; see recognize.]

re·cog′ni·zant adj.


adj (form) to be recognizant of somethingetw anerkennen
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Research on error detection, attention allocation, and recognizant innovation will be conducted in three distinct settings strategically chosen so the scale and complexity of the performance challenges increases across the cases.
7] have put forward a model to analyse the patient posted enquiries which extracts corpus recognizant medical lexicons from those raw features.
We suggest that CCTs aim to produce new subjects, the monetized poor, and task them with the new duty of striving in the marketplace for survival while also being grateful to, or at least recognizant of, the new national donor state.