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tr.v. rec·og·nized, rec·og·niz·ing, rec·og·niz·es
1. To know to be something that has been perceived before: recognize a face.
2. To know or identify from past experience or knowledge: recognize hostility.
3. To perceive or show acceptance of the validity or reality of: recognizes the concerns of the tenants.
4. To permit to address a meeting: The club's president recognized the new member.
5. To accept officially the national status of as a new government.
6. To show awareness of; approve of or appreciate: recognize services rendered.
7. To admit the acquaintance of, as by salutation: recognize an old friend with a cheerful greeting.
8. Law To enter into a recognizance.
9. Biology To exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate, for example).

[Middle English recognisen, to resume possession of land, alteration (influenced by Medieval Latin recognizāre, to recognize) of Old French reconoistre, reconoiss-, to know again, from Latin recognōscere : re-, re- + cognōscere, to get to know; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]

rec′og·niz′a·ble adj.
rec′og·niz′a·bly adv.
rec′og·niz′er n.
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It seems, then, that the broad conclusions of the previous section can be expected to hold even as hardware and isolated-word ASR software become sufficiently fast that recognizer latency disappears.
The software uses lossless compression, which allows it to be used in conjunction with a signature verification server or a handwriting recognizer at a later time.
For this evaluation, systems were provided with much larger amounts of training and test data and with word transcripts generated by an automatic speech recognizer. Speaker detection performance was evaluated by measuring the correctness of detection decisions by the systems.
Graffiti is the code found on Palm OS devices, while Windows for Pocket PC uses a program called Character Recognizer. Both are simple variations of regular printed letters and are very easy to learn.
Recognizer Recognizers like a pick from a list rather than coming up with topics on their own.
Basically, the recognition rate degrades whenever a user's speech style departs in some way from the training data on which a recognizer was developed.
2001 also offers voice user interface improvements, and faster and more accurate recognition and call processing through the inclusion of a new recognizer. The improvement in the telephony and recognition interface has greatly improved the overall performance and speed of the product.
Since January 1993, Microsoft has had a team developing adapting a university-developed speech engine Sphinx-II into the Windows Highly Intelligent Speech Recognizer - Whisper, although it has not integrated it in any products.
Three components operate the translation system - a commercial word recognizer, a personal computer that acts as a translator and system manager, and a voice synthesizer.
While this argument does support the view that mechanical theorem recognizers are limited by Godel's incompleteness theorem, the argument suffers from the following weakness: the argument does not show that each mechanical theorem recognizer is bound to some fixed set of axioms, but only that the theorems recognized could have been obtained alternatively by effective productions from such a set of axioms.
One of the most promising add-ons to the AV Mac is Articulate Systems' forthcoming "Personal Secretary," consisting of four components: Dictation Manager, Telephone Manager, Telephony Speech Recognizer, and Remote Message Center.