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He retrieved a critical situation during the course of the attack and willingly laid down his life in the process before knocking out one enemy (T-55) tank and Recoilless Rifles with his old Sherman tank.
He said that 13 government soldiers were killed in the second battle at Um Serdibah area, pointing they destroyed a mounted Land Cruiser vehicle and seized weapons including R.P.G-7 missile launchers and B-10 recoilless rifle.
One AK-47 gun, five home-made Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), four rounds of RPG-7 shell, one recoilless rifle shell were among other items seized after the raid, the statement noted.
The statement added that the raids destroyed tactical units, gatherings for terrorists, combat sites, recoilless rifle, light machine guns, heavy weapons depots and mortar launching sites."
It is a Diana Model 72 recoilless target rifle built upon the Diana Model 6 recoilless target pistol.
The case brings to mind another inventive Arab criminal a year ago; last January a resident of the Arab village of A-Taibe in Samaria was caught by police with 2 Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, ammunition magazines, dozens of 9 millimeter bullets, and dozens of 5.56 millimeter bullets in his home.
The book also includes such interesting historical items as the Davy Crockett M28/M29, developed as a 0.25 KT warhead on a recoilless rifle used at the battalion level against Soviet armored forces (pp.
Reportedly, this contract is a follow on agreement to a previous five year contract for the 84mm recoilless rifle system.
Warring sides traded mortar shells, rocket-propelled grenades and B-10 recoilless rifle rounds.
After the attack failed, the 10 Guards was ordered to fire at a Carl Gustav 84 mm recoilless rifle at the Akal Takht dome but it had no impact on the structure.
"It is all about our troops maintaining the competitive edge over potential adversaries," said Wayland Barber, chief of the Mortars and Recoilless Rifle Branch at Benet Laboratories.