recombinant DNA technology

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Noun1.recombinant DNA technology - the technology of preparing recombinant DNA in vitro by cutting up DNA molecules and splicing together fragments from more than one organism
biotech, biotechnology - the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes; "biotechnology produced genetically altered bacteria that solved the problem"
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The DNA vaccine in this report refers to the vaccines manufactured using recombinant DNA technology. The advent of these vaccines has revolutionized the healthcare market.
In the past century, the recombinant DNA technology was mere imagination that desirable characteristics can be ameliorated in the living bodies through controlling expressions of target genes.
Ome- Kasoom Afridi from Korean University also presented a poster on 'Recombinant DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering Trend in South Korea'.
The vice-chancellor briefed the delegation about the UVAS academic, research, extension services, recombinant DNA technology, microbiology research equipment and facilities for small and large animals, national and international collaborations, etc.
PCR and recombinant DNA technology have allowed for the development of gene probes with M leprae-specific sequences.
Zomacton is a synthetic human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology.
A large amount of creatinase enzyme is required for clinical use so in this study recombinant DNA technology was used to obtain an overproducing strain and a high creatinase production yield that high productivity and fusion tags lead to simplification of purification process and improvement of the quality of the enzyme.
- The global recombinant DNA technology market is expected to reach USD 844.6bn by 2025, according to a new report by US-based market research and consulting company Grand View Research, Inc.
coli DNA Ligase, a key enzyme of genetic engineering and recombinant DNA technology.
Protein chemistry contributes in many areas of biotechnology, involving recombinant DNA technology, analytical chemistry, clinical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and protein therapeutics, he maintained.
Therefore, this special issue was organized, comprising eleven original research papers and three reviews aimed to highlight recent advances in (1) comparative genomics for plant breeding, (2) transcriptome analysis for plant breeding, (3) genotyping and marker-assisted breeding, and (4) recombinant DNA technology (Figure 1).

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